Engegård Quartet with Nils Økland

/ Jan

Engegård Quartet with Nils Økland

07:00 pm - 09:30 pm

This exciting programme interweaves folk and classical music seamlessly. The Engegård Quartet, known for their fresh and engaging interpretations of the classical string quartet repertoire, are also committed to exploring and showcasing the musical traditions of Scandinavia.

ECM artist Nils Økland is one of the finest performers of the traditional Norwegian hardanger fiddle, finding inspiration in folk, improvisation and classical music, and integrating these different genres in his very own musical universe. Økland and the Engegård Quartet explore this landscape together to bring us a unique experience.

This ensemble’s variety in expression was incredible. Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, from riveting and tumultuous, to soothing and longing.
Alicia Tuchel, Drehpunkt Culture, Die Salzburger Kulturzeiting im Internet

I’d be very hard-pressed, following the scores along with them, to imagine better interpretations than these. They miss nothing in terms of expressive content.
Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

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