Into the Woods (two performances)

/ Oct

Into the Woods (two performances)

SJE Arts
£38/£25/£16 in-person & livestream, £35/£22/£13/£5 in-person only, £13/£5 (under 35s) livestream only.

Oxford Lieder Festival

This concert will be performed twice, 5.30-6.45 pm and 8.15-9.30 pm.

Kitty Whately (Mezzo-soprano)
Anna Tilbrook (Pianist)
Nicky Spence (Tenor)
Neil Balfour (Bass-baritone)

To conclude our weekend of American song, we turn to one of the great wordsmiths and musicians of the last century, Stephen Sondheim. Kitty Whately, Nicky Spence and Anna Tilbrook are a fantastic trio to perform highlights from Sondheim’s works, including FolliesCompany and Into the Woods. Emerging Artist Neil Balfour joins them for several ensembles as well as his own solo numbers. A perfect way to round off this rich exploration of a great musical heritage.

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