Oxford Beethoven Festival: Freddy Kempf

/ Feb

Oxford Beethoven Festival: Freddy Kempf

SJE Arts
Start Time
07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
£25, £20, £15, £10, students from £5

We regret to announce that due to injury John Lill has had to withdraw from this recital. We wish John a swift recovery. 

We are most grateful to Freddy Kempf, who has kindly stepped in to perform in his place. The repertoire remains unaltered.

Piano Sonata No. 16, Op. 31 (no. 1)
Piano Sonata No. 18, Op. 31 (no. 3)
Piano Sonata No. 22, Op. 54
Piano Sonata No. 23, Op. 57, ‘Appassionata’

Beethoven’s piano sonatas are works with which all mankind can identify. Still, the famous ‘Appassionata’ is every bit the product of Beethoven in the year 1804. For the French essayist Romain Rolland, it was Beethoven ‘unleashing of elemental forces, the passions, the madness of men and the elements’. For the critic of the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung, it was Beethoven talking ‘from heart to heart.’

British pianist, Freddy Kempf, comes to SJE to continue Oxford Philharmonic’s sonata cycle with, alongside ‘Appassionata’, the restless creativity of Beethoven’s Op. 31 Sonatas and the compact Sonata No. 22.