Jubilate Chamber Choir

/ Jun

Jubilate Chamber Choir

SJE Arts
Start Time
07:30 pm - 09:15 pm
£15 (concessions £8)

Dusk ’til Dawn: Nature in Music

In this unique concert presentation, Jubilate will trace a musical pilgrimage charting the progression of dusk to dawn. Music for compline, night, and morning will be interspersed with wildlife recordings from the British Library Sound Archive, in an evocative journey of sound.

Director, James Morley Potter

Before the start
The homeward journey before dusk, recorded by Ian Todd 06/10/97, Gambia

Andrew Smith: Lighten our darkness
Sullivan: The long day closes
Ives: In pace

Turkish soundscape at dusk, recorded by Eloisa Matheu in Kuyuçuk, Turkey on 12 July 2010

Cooke: The Twilight People

Common Noctule (Nyctalus noctula) 22 kHz echolocation calls, recorded by Richard Ranft in Kent, England on 3 June 1986

Ešenvalds: Only in sleep 
Whitacre: Sleep

Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) stag roars, recorded by Alan Burbidge in Leicestershire, England on 22 October 2000

Sheppard: Libera nos I   
Stanford: At the mid hour of night
Vaughan Williams: Prayer to the Father of Heaven

Nightingale and mail plane, recorded by Ian Christopher Todd in Hortobágy National Park, Hungary on 3 May 2003        

Krause: Creator of the stars of night
Sigurbjörnsson: Heyr, himna smiður

Iron Range dawn chorus, recorded by Tony Baylis in Queensland, Australia on 19 November 2005

Willan: Rise up my love        
Byrd: Vigilate