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LECTURE 5.30pm-6.30pm – Brain plasticity

Prof. Andrew King, University of Oxford
Our brains interpret sound to enable us to recognise someone’s voice or a piece of music, to determine its direction or origin, and to separate sounds from each other. The brain can change the way in which sensory signals are processed, highlighting some, despite considerable variations in what reaches the ears. This “plasticity” provides the basis for learning language and musical training, and also offers the potential for recovery following hearing loss.

Tickets: £3, concessions £2 from Tickets Oxford.


CONCERT 8.00-10.15pm – Phronesis

Outstanding Jazz Trio, Phronesis, return to Oxford May Music following their stellar performance (then in the pitch dark) in 2016. Their latest adventure, We Are All, the band’s eighth and newest studio album, offers plenty of emotional range and musical richness both for committed Phronesis fans and new listeners alike. But in its title and scope, it also seeks to focus attention on an important message of togetherness and balance beyond the one they demonstrate on the bandstand. The trio aim to shine a light on the interconnectedness of all living species and the responsibility we hold as human beings to coexist in harmony with our environment, and to protect the beauty, fragility and welfare of our planet, and each other. 

Tickets: £23, concessions £18 (includes free entry to preceding lecture) from Tickets Oxford.