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LECTURE 2.00-3.30pm – Ansel
Kaupo Kikkas – Ansel – illustrated talk with the photographer
Photographer and festival returnee Kaupo Kikkas gives an introduction into his inspiration behind his featured exhibition in the festival.

Kaupo says, Ansel is my journey of discovery of America’s last wild landscape. It is dark and personal, inspired by the personality of the great master. Ansel was a pulsing invitation which I could not ignore, my thoughts picking up where Adams left off.”

Tickets: £13, concessions £10 from Tickets Oxford.


LECTURE – 4.00-5.30pm – Thinking Like a Vegetable

Prof Dame Ottoline Leyser, University of Cambridge
It is easy to imagine that plants don’t do much because of our powerful prejudice that equates action with movement. But plants literally build themselves out of thin air and water, which is pretty extraordinary. They collect carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil, which requires large surface areas above and below ground, and this means that they can’t move. Because they can’t move, they have to adapt to the environmental conditions around them, assessing light quality, nutrient availability, windiness etc and adjusting their growth and development accordingly. Also because they can’t move, they have to be able to deal with predation without running away, which means having no unique parts, and therefore no central information processing centre equivalent to an animal’s brain. Instead they have to use distributed decision-making processes. My research is about how plants make developmental decisions without the benefit of a brain.

Tickets: £3, concessions £2 from Tickets Oxford.


CONCERT – 6.00-8.15pm – Festival Finale

Wolf-Ferrari: Chamber Symphony in B flat major, Op. 8
Schubert: Octet in F major, D803

Jack Liebeck, violin
Alexandra Raikhlina, violin
Mathieu Herzog, viola
Trish O’Brien, cello
Thomas Carroll, cello
Tim Gibbs, double bass
Paul Dean, clarinet
Richard Watkins, horn
David Cuthbert, flute
Nicholas Daniels, oboe
Amy Harman, bassoon
Daniel Grimwood, piano

Ermano Wolf-Ferrari was an Italian composer mostly noted for his comic operas. This early work, overflowing with exuberance, is a wonderful companion in our Finale with an old friend. The Schubert Octet always begs to be programmed in the finale but it is necessary to show some restraint or it would turn up every year – but with such a great piece and wonderful combination of instruments, would that be such a bad thing? 

Tickets: £23, concessions £18 (includes free tickets to preceding lecture) from Tickets Oxford.