Weimar Republic Centenary Richard Strauss to Kurt Weill

/ Nov

Weimar Republic Centenary Richard Strauss to Kurt Weill

SJE Arts
07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
£42, £28, £18, £15, students £5 off, under 18s 50% off

Sarah Gabriel, soprano and actor
Iain Farrington, piano

Programme includes music by:
Richard Strauss
Kurt Weill
Edwin Schulhoff
Friedrich Hollaender

The centenary of the Weimar Republic marks Germany’s first democratic but flawed constitution, arguably one of the most liberal and progressive ever penned at the time.  However, its weaknesses also aided Hitler in his rise to power in 1933…

In the Berlin of the time, artists in underground nightclubs satirised and dissected the political maelstrom in the streets above and captured the febrile human condition of the moment.  Placing well-known songs and music by composers such as Weill, Krenek and Hollaender into context alongside Lieder by Richard Strauss and readings from his letters, Sarah Gabriel and Iain Farrington conjure up a remarkably fertile period in German music.

‘As fine an actress as she is a singer’ Le Monde

‘This was his Proms debut, and an exciting one. He’s an authentic star…’ The Independent

Sarah Gabriel

Iain Farrington