Saturday 11 June
Start time: 07:30 pm

Commotio with Bob Chilcott

Commotio is excited to announce their first public concert under joint direction, with internationally renowned composer and choral expert, Bob Chilcott. Following the success of their last joint project, The Rose in the Middle of Winter CD, which topped the Classical charts in 2013, Commotio will be recording a new CD with Bob Chilcott later this year.

In addition to performing a capella , the choral sound for which Commotio is best known, the choir will be joined by acclaimed pianist Alexander Hawkins and jazz trio to showcase Bob Chilcott’s recent jazz compositions.

Commemorating 400 years since Shakespeare's death, Commotio will breathe new life into Shakespeare's familiar words with contemporary choral settings by by Larsen, Leslie, Hyde and  Łukaszewski.

Come and join Commotio and Bob Chilcott for this sensational programme of Summer song!

Tickets £12/£8

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Libby Larsen: A Lover's Journey

Henry Leslie: How sweet the moonlight sleeps

Thomas Hyde: Orpheus with his lute

Paweł Łukaszewski: Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed

Works by Bob Chilcott:

Nidaros Jazz Mass

Jazz Songs of Innocence

Scarborough Fair

House of the Rising Sun

Weather Report

The Real of Heart 

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