David Le Page and Eduardo Garcia – Barcos

In 2016, Argentinian bandoneon player and composer Eduardo Garcia joined forces with the Le Page Ensemble to record ‘Barcos’, an album of his extraordinary Tango influenced works. In addition to the works composed by Garcia for the bandoneon and string quartet, the album also features music by the renowned Argentinian visionary Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992) whose uncompromising musical innovations completely changed the face of Tango over four decades.

Garcia’s music is inspired by the life-changing journey across the Atlantic made by Europeans seeking a new life in the Americas. Soulful, cinematic, deeply nostalgic and brimming with virtuosity, this concert is full of the distinctive flavours of South America. 

“When I was a child, I loved to spend many afternoons, making paper ships. Without knowing it, I was playing with my own history, the history of my family and the history of my country. Ships move us away from loved ones and often lead us to unknown lands of uncertain futures. The sailing is slow, like dragging one’s feet, but it give us time to look at the open sea and imagine our novel lives. These pieces are humble ‘sound ships’ sailing hopeful seas...” Eduardo Garcia


Tickets: £15, £12 concessions, £5 students and under 18s


Eduardo Garcia was born in Argentina in 1964. He studied the bandoneon in Buenos Aires under the most prestigious of maestros and in 1983 founded the ‘Apertura’ orchestra. When Eduardo arrived in France in 1992, the director Alfredo Arias asked him to play in his show ‘Mortadela’, which was awarded the Molière best musical show award. Since then, Eduardo has performed as a soloist in France and overseas with many artists including Gustavo Beytelmann, Antionio Agri and Omar Espinoza, and recorded several cds.

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