Oxford May Music Festival

The 10th annual Oxford May Music Festival will for the first time be fully resident at SJE Arts. 

This year the entire Festival is taking place at SJE - six days packed with cutting-edge physics and medical lectures and alongside, sometimes woven in, sometimes separate, a wealth of complimentary musical performances. There is far too much to list in full but here are some of the highlights:

Wednesday 26 April
5:30pm, Lecture - Einstein's Universe

Prof Brian Foster and Prof Jack Liebeck

Linking Einstein's favourite instrument, the violin, with atoms and subatomic particles and current research at CERN. A lecture punctured by musical interludes including some of Einstein's favourite music.

8:00pm, Concert - Einstein's Music

Nicholas Daniel, oboe
Katya Apekisheva, piano
Jack Liebeck and Simon Blendis, violin
Simon Oswell, viola
Richard Lester, cello.

Works by Mozart, Brahms, Martinu, Ernst Bloch and - to mark Einstein's opposition to the Nazis - the Oboe Suite by Jewish-born Czech composer Pavel Haas, who was put to death in Auschwitz concentration camp.


Friday 28 April
5:30pm, Lecture - Musicians' brains are different

Katherine Butler, London Hand Therapy Clinic

A look into the area of a musician's brain that controls skilled hand movements and at task specific dystonia (TSD) a particular disabling condition that affects some professional musicians.


8:00pm, Concert - Schubert Gala
The Myrthen Ensemble

Mary Bevan, soprano; Clara Mouriz, mezzo-soprano; Stuart Jackson, tenor; Marcus Farnsworth, baritone; Joseph Middleton, piano.
Members of the prestigious Myrthen Ensemble demonstrate the range and beauty of Schubert's songs in many different voice combinations and moods.

Saturday 29 April
2:30pm and 8:00pm

The Seasons - Prof Brian Cox

Jack Liebeck, solo violin, and the Festival Players

Professor Brian Cox explores the aspects of the seasons on earth and elsewhere in the Solar System.
After the interval, Jack Liebeck and the Festival Players perform Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

Monday 1 May
2pm Lecture/Concert - Treescapes

Stephen Johnson, Kaupo Klikkas and Festival musicians
Discover the inspiration that trees have had in Music, Art and Literature in an illustrated concert featuring the work of Estonian photographer, Kaupo Klikkas.

4:00pm Lecture - Progress in Preventive Therapy for Cancer
Prof. Jack Cuzick, Queen Mary, University of London

6:00pm Festival Finale (please note early time)

Jack Liebeck and Alexander Sitkovestky, violin
Simon Oswell, viola
Christian-Pierre La Barca and Richard Lester, cello
Amandine Savary, piano.

A performance of Dmitry Sitkovetsky's string arrangement of the Goldberg Variations by JS Bach, Saint-Saen's sparkling Barcarolle for Piano Quartet Op.108, and - for a celebratory end to the 10th May Music Festival - Brahms' Piano Quartet no.1 with its famously lively "Gypsy" Rondo.


For the full programme, prices and tickets, please check the Festival website: http://www.oxfordmaymusic.co.uk

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