SJE International Piano Series


The SJE International Piano Series runs from Friday 27th January to 17th November. 2017

This year, our 4th piano series, is a little bit different. There are two mini series within the whole season. In the first, over four concerts starting in January, James Lisney performs all of Schubert's finished sonatas.  The second, in September, comprises a whole Beethoven weekend starting on Friday and finishing on Sunday in which Daniel Tong, piano and Krysia Osostowicz, violin will perform all 10 sonatas for violin and piano, accompanied by 10 short pieces written by contemporary composers, inspired by the relevant Beethoven piece.

In the rest of the series The Phoenix Piano Trio, Steven Osborne, Barry Douglas, Yevgeny Sudbin, Alexander Ullman and Daniel Lebhardt will be performing a whole range of music from Haydn, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Scriabin, Mussorgsky, Chopin, Liszt and Bartok and more.

Tickets: range from £5 - £38.  We hope you will join us.

Buy a SEASON TICKET to all FOURTEEN 2017 concerts - make over 50% saving and get a free programme.  £195 for centre premium seats, £160 for centre mid seats and front side aisles, £145 for rear seats £100 for restricted view side aisle seats.

“The Steinway is still is a benchmark for excellence, and one of the reasons for its success since the company's foundation in 1853 is its constant search for improvement. It has been at the forefront of invention throughout its history, patents more numerous than its 88 keys. The general direction of these refinements has been towards an increase of power, of sustain, of stability, of speed. Lovers of older instruments find that progression a mixed blessing, but there is no doubt that a great machine of extraordinary design has been the result”Stephen Hough, The Telegraph 16th August 2013

  • 27 January: James Lisney: The Schubert Series I
  • 15 February: Phoenix Piano Trio: Haydn Piano Trios
  • 6 March: James Lisney: The Schubert Series II
  • 21 March: Steven Osborne: Brahms and Beethoven
  • 25 April: Barry Douglas: Pictures at an Exhibition
  • 5 May: James Lisney: The Schubert Series III
  • 6 June: Yevgeny Sudbin: Russian Romantics
  • 29 June: Alexander Ullman: Bach to Stravinsky
  • 22-24 September: Beethoven Plus! with Krysia Osostowicz, violin & Daniel Tong, piano (4 concerts over 3 days plus two master classes)
  • 8 October: Daniel Lebhardt: A Hungarian Rhapsody
  • 17 November: James Lisney: The Schubert Series IV

For details of the individual concerts click on the date and name

  • Subscription ticket to all fourteen 2017 concerts in reserved seats plus free souvenir programme: £195 best seats, £160 centre mid & front side aisles seats £145 for rear seats & £100 for restricted view side aisles.
  • Ticket prices for individual concerts: 
  • £38- £10.  concs (student and under 18s) £25 - £5
  • some private parking will also be available £6
  • Tickets are available via our website:
  • and from the Oxford Playhouse:   tel: 01865 305305

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Forthcoming Events

  1. Beethoven Plus! - Krysia Osostowicz, Violin, and Daniel Tong, Piano

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  2. The Schubert Series IV - James Lisney

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  3. Angela Hewitt

    SJE International Piano Series 2018     

    Bach: "The Well Tempered Clavier. Book 1

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