Audio Facilities

Since SJE is a church as much as it is a concert venue, we employ simple and portable equipment rather than permanent installations. That decision guided our choices in terms of sound reinforcement, and the equipment has been used here to excellent effect.

Sound Reinforcement Equipment

The equipment roster is as follows:

  • A pair of ‘db Technologies’ Opera 212, 300W active PA speakers on heavy duty speaker stands
  • Phonic MU1202X 12-way compact mixer
  • 2x AKG 414 condensers available by arrangement
  • 4x BM700 type (iSK clone) condensers
  • 3x Electret condenser vocal microphones
  • 3x Shure dynamic microphones

The active PA speakers would normally be placed on their stands just next to the Eastern pair of pillars, producing a good sound image throughout the church while not being very intrusive. Please note in particular that we have no stage monitors – just the two public address speakers.

Recording Equipment

Musicians and performers have tended to make their own arrangements for recording equipment; however in addition to the above roster, we can call upon some high quality recording equipment, and make this available to you at a small cost – please make enquiries in advance of your visit.

By prior arrangement, it may be possible to have your concert or rehearsal sessions professionally recorded, for release or archival purposes. This service will be charged separately by negotiation. Notice is required and availability cannot be guaranteed.