The Space

Performance area

SJE does not have fixed seating, making it a relatively flexible space.

Performances normally take place at the eastern end of the nave but – if there is no conflict with the church calendar – can be located centrally or in one of the side aisles. Staging can be set up in all these areas.

There is modern stage lighting at the east end of the nave.

A standard 13 Amp power supply is available from points throughout the church floor and lower walls and there is a 32 Amp feed in a wall cupboard near the main north east door.

Audience area

The maximum capacity, with a minimal performance area and some unsighted seats, is 500. With a full block, 6m x 3m, of staging capacity is reduced to 320.

Standard seating with 250 chairs – with performance at the eastern end of the nave – is a central block in the nave with additional blocks in the side aisles (some restricted view due to columns). The central block can be with or without an aisle.

Ticket Sales through SJE Arts

For SJE Arts own promotions, Tickets Oxford at Oxford Playhouse handles the ticket sales. The ticket blocks – up to five – are given the following designations: Centre Front, Centre Mid, Centre Rear, Side Aisles, unsighted.

For outside hirers, an introduction to Tickets Oxford can be arranged.